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RA Door Decs & Bulletin Boards

Printable templates for college door decs & bulletin boards. Ideas for residence hall events and other resources.

Crafts for Adults

Simple but elegant crafts to scratch that creative itch. [Coming Soon]


Crafts for Kids

Fun, sensory activities where kids can learn while crafting. [Coming Soon]

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About me

I’m currently a master’s student who works in tech but I’ve always loved crafting and painting. This blog is an outlet that allows me to share my hobby and hopefully provide something useful that others can enjoy.

Back as an undergrad in college I worked as a resident assistant/advisor for 2 years. I really enjoyed creating door decs for my residents but I often had to create them from scratch because it was difficult to find good free templates that I could use. This is one of the many reasons why I decided to create this site. I will be sharing my printable door dec templates that you can use if you’re an RA! 

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